“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

Meet Sebastian.

Originally from Los Angeles, I relocated to NYC at the end of 2001. I have worked in the fashion industry for well over fifteen years. Having worked my way through the various intricacies and broad spectrum of the apparel business, I bring with me the essential insight and aesthetic which will translate to your success. As a result of requests for my fashion advice and expertise expanded beyond my friends and family, I decided to launch my own image consulting firm.

My appreciation for fashion was bestowed upon me at an early age. I have the unique privilege to have grown up in the company of eight phenomenal & stylish women; my mother and seven sisters. Yes, SEVEN SISTERS! Since my earliest memories, shopping has been a regular activity throughout my life. Embracing all the fantastic experiences of my existence: a daily exposure to the importance of always looking your best; basking in the glitz that is Los Angeles; my intimate knowledge of the fashion industry; and of course, my living in “the capital of the fashion world”, I offer my clients a curated sense of style and image.